Gluten Free Dairy Free -
A New Diet For A New You

If you're struggling to go gluten free, and maybe dairy free too, this is where you will find the solution. A wheat free diet doesn't have to be boring.

Here you'll find your way to a happier, healthier life on your new diet.

Home made dairy free chocolate hearts for Valentine's day, - or any time you want to give a romantic treat!

Super healthy - made with coconut oil, no sugar - sweetened with carob flour.

Being gluten free and dairy free doesn't mean missing out on delicious treats.

I've been gluten free, and dairy free, for many years now. I struggled at the beginning. There wasn't much help back then, either cookbooks or 'free from' foods in the shops - not that I would have used them. I always prefer to make my own food from basic natural ingredients. Over the years I've found good solutions to the perpetual problem of 'What can I eat on a gluten free diet?'


Unlike many other websites and books on 'eating without' wheat, milk, etc, I understand the problems of multiple allergies, and the preference for real, natural food. Being gluten free doesn't mean you have to eat rubbish. There are lots of exciting, tasty alternatives to wheat - most of them far healthier, even for people who don't need to avoid gluten.


Caroline Osborne has studied, practised and written about natural health for thirty years, and has lived gluten free and dairy free for over twenty-five years. A mother of six with a variety of dietary needs, she is used to dealing with challenges every day in feeding herself and her family.

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